Wednesday, 25 November 2009

✴ what's hot & what's not...

This is my last Aussie hot/not!!! Can't believe how quickly the time has flown! It is quite a hectic week, packing and sorts so apologies if you have left a comment here and I haven't responded yet. That should also explain my unbelievable lateness in posting this...Sigh........
Anyhoo, pop along to Loobylu  for more lists...


Suzy Ultman. How gorgeous are these prints from Suzy Ultman? I bought these Paper Doll Parade notecards from Seed on sunday and I adore the set of Home Sweet Home prints- Just too cutie pie for words. They'll look so beautiful in frames I think.

Sticker Love. I've gone a bit gaga for stickers! It all began in Kikki K  and has just grown from there. But how can you resist a bit of sticker love.... Sticker books are the new big thing I reckon, we're all having a bit of a return to our childhoods, remember when you used to write letters to people? Way back in the good old days? Me and my friend, Miss P used to write to each other all the time, even though we lived a mere stones throw from each other. I found a stash of these letters recently - so funny! All of the letters were covered in different stickers, ballerinas, stars, hologram stickers - Ooooh how big was hologram in the '80's??
Anyway these sticker books are really hitting my sticker-love spot!?
Small Object Labels & Stickers by Sarah Neuburger
Crafty Stickers  by Catherine Head
This Book Belongs To  by Grady Mcferrin

Amazon Wishlist. Dear Santa, you know how you always say you are stuck for ideas of what to get me for Christmas, well stop your whinging and have peepo at my Amazon Wishlist...!
I'm having a bit of an Amazon revival at the moment, because I haven't been there in a long time! I've bought a lot of books out here and although of course it's always lovely to wander around a bookshop, well, I had a look at all the books I'd bought here, on Amazon, and was shocked to discover how much more I'd paid for the books! Yikes. So I resisted buying anymore and added the ones I'd been coveting into an Amazon wishlist. Well, lets just say I got a bit carried away and the list grew, and grew. I was like a giddy bride writing her wedding gift list, which is kind of what I was like 2 years ago when I actually was that giddy bride writing her wedding gift list...!
Images Amazon


Leaving Australia! In three days time we get our flight back to the UK! So instead of writing a list of nots I'm going to stay on the positive and give you my list of aussie hots as encountered by me whilst living Gold Coast side of this fab little (eh?) land.....Ella has put in her favourites too and I also think there maybe a rogue not in there, can you tell which one....?

Mount Tamborine :: Finders Keepers :: Lamingtons :: Byron Bay :: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary  :: Dorothy the Dinosaur  :: Lola's :: Bill Granger :: Schoolies :: Kikki. K :: Humpbacks :: Rafferty's Garden :: Tim Tams :: Dymocks :: Witchery :: Notebook :: Meet Me At Mikes :: Q1 :: MBD Deli :: Poppies For Grace :: Country Road  :: Vegemite  :: Windy Peak :: Earth Choice :: Inside Out :: Donna Hay :: Veronika Maine :: Cinderella :: Mimco :: Max Brenners :: Narnia 
& of course...
All of the fantastic aussie blogs I've discovered while out here, all of whom will be coming back to Blighty with me thanks to the power of t'internet.....Yippeeeeeee!


  1. Safe travels Missy. Home again, home again, jiggidy jig :)

  2. Suzy Ultmans prints are too cute...and I LOVE the small object's work! I hope it is lovely to be home again, but we hope you miss Australia heaps - keep us 'posted'! Chele x

  3. Best of luck with the rest of the packing and then getting home! Thanks for playing along with What's Hot and What's Not - looking forward to your UK updates! xx

  4. Well it was nice to have you, better hang out in Melbourne next time though! Love your list of hots, and love those owlies.

  5. Well I guess you're winging you';re way back to the UK now. Hope the flight's good and that you're not thrown too badly landing back in the winter!! Look forward to catching up with you again when you become a British blog! x

  6. Love your hots and nots! and love your blog. I have the Paper Doll Parade also!