Tuesday, 13 October 2009

❖ My Favourite Corner...

As it's a rainy and windy day which has just put a stop to a lovely sit down on the beach I turn to thoughts of my favourite corner....
I followed the link from Pip and it seemed like a fun thing to do.

As I am in a temporary home while out here in Australia I don't really have a favourite spot in this 19th floor apartment (unless you count looking out at the ocean!).
However back at home (far, far away...) my favourite corner would have to be in Princess Ella's room.
This is (apart form the downstairs loo) the smallest room in the house but definitely the loveliest.

The tub chair in the corner sits neatly at the bottom of the cot and below the second window and against the only wall with the gorgeous Osborne & Little wallpaper (not seen in the photo) and is a perfect cosy chair for the night feed and story before bedtime. It's also been handy sitting in there when Ella is restless falling asleep as I can't be seen!!!
The main window has a perfect nosy view up and down the street and also over the rooftops of the bungalows opposite to the landscape behind (not sure what!) and the shelf above the clothes rail is an ideal napping spot for the naughty pusscats who occasionally sneak in without being spotted and attempt to hide amongst the cuddly toys!
Looking at this picture I am reminded of jobs still to do in this room; making a decorative pelmet or bunting on the shelf above the clothes rail, hemming the curtains with a fabric border (as they are too short!) and making some scatter cushions for the chair.


  1. That looks like a lovely, serene corner. I love that you've caught the cat yawn in the picture.

  2. Oh I love the puss cat perched up on his post there! He is so SWEET! I like this corner too and to the untrained eye it doesn't look unfinished at all