Monday, 12 October 2009

☂ Rain, rain go away....

Sunday had the worst weather the whole time we have been here. It rained all day and felt very wintery! Which is bizarre as it's almost summer here! Reminded me of home. I also thought of times beside the sea and took a look back at old holiday photos...
Although these are all images from overseas I can't help but think of a British beach. I think it must be because it has been raining and blustery. Although I do love being by the ocean in stormy weather - it's so dramatic in a 'Wuthering Heights' sort of a way, although obviously they were on the Yorkshire moors not in Queensland!!
Things that make me think of the British seaside.... (in an idealistic 1950's sort of way..!)
Fish & Chips ⠶Cath Kidston Prints ⠶Penguin Classics ⠶Punch & Judy ⠶Thermos Flasks ⠶
Pink Peppermint Rock ⠶Silk Headscarves ⠶Slot Machines ⠶Transistor Radios ⠶Dodgems ⠶
Bucket & Spade ⠶Cheeky Postcards ⠶Striped Deckchairs ⠶

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