Monday, 23 February 2015

lighter, brighter

And so it is, I find myself drawn back here. To my little journal of makey bakey capers and random mumblings. I’ve been so long away that I hardly know how to dive back in.
The chaos of mamahood has been as ever, all consuming shades of overwhelming loveliness....and exhaustion!
Forever spinning plates and drinking cold cups of tea.

And as much as I love the winter fest that is not only Christmas, but a merry little parade of practically ALL of our family birthdays......Well, lets just say I am well and truly ready for Spring. For lighter, brighter days and no more birthday baking! Well, for a while anyway.

I thought a bloggy makeover was long overdue. A clearout of clutter, a little rejigging. A spruce up of sorts. Make everything lighter, brighter. More beautiful, more inspiring....I hope. 

This heavenly Spring light has inspired lots of new ideas in me. I have so many things I want to achieve this year. I find myself drawn back to millinery making and have designs and ideas swirling around my baby wiped brain. 

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