Friday, 25 March 2011

✴ meringues

At four pm everything stops for tea. Ok maybe not a stop as such but a slight pause, a quiet second to refuel and take a moment. I'm a huge fan of the afternoon tea. In every job I've ever had, there has been a call out for 'tea?' at four, and a packet of biscuits is ripped open, or if really lucky, a piece of cake, or sticky bun.
I've decided to get organised with all of my scraps and cuttings of this and that, pretty things and inspirations, and start sticking them all into a journal. I was never that good at keeping a written diary, but cut & paste {the old fashioned way} I think I can do. I already have 6 files of recipe cuttings!
I came across these cuttings on my desk and with some new {old} supplies currently holding my interest, I can't help but think of an afternoon tea of delectable prettiness.
I'm imagining scoffing a raspberry meringue with lashings of fresh cream from a china dish on a crisp linen covered table scattered with periwinkle blue petals. Of course, I'd be wearing this tulle frock by Marchesa, and perhaps an olive green feather coquette in my hair....There would be an infinite calm to my surroundings with the soft playing of a piano and gentle background chatter....
Hhmmm....the reality is not entirely parallel to this daydream and is likely to involve a chipped mug, mr kipling, tatty jeans and peppa pig....So there you go!
It's nearly time to put the kettle on. What will you be having for afternoon tea?

{ps. In a completely blushed way of blowing a trumpet, that is mine.... I am so thrilled to be a winner of the Straw Styling Competition as hosted by Tea for Joy! How lucky am I?! I have the delight of a voucher to spend a papermash, and I'm already thinking, journals!!!}


  1. that is a lovely grouping I can't help but think of petit fours. I do wish we had a tea tradition- everyone needs an afternoon refuel!

  2. 4.30 is our Afternoon 'Tea' time, every day. My hubby (a Londoner living in Australia), always makes the tea in this home, real leaf tea, in a china teapot ~ every morning and every afternoon. Don't drink from bone china cups, just a lovely Denby grey & purple mug.♥
    Yes, I agree 'Tea Time' is 'Special'.

  3. Delighted to have discovered your lovely blog via Junkaholique. I'm another mummy who can't stop making things, I am a silversmith and flower grower/seller in the time I can spare between putting on laundry loads of rugby kit and helping with homework!!

    Your silver leaves are so gorgeous.

    And yes, afternoon tea is a non-negotiable necessity and pleasure!

  4. Ahhh your photo today just so justifies why you won the styling competition. Lovely just lovely!

  5. I keep likeing what I am seeing on your blog... enough that I feel like climbing onto your pages (but then... they wouldn't look so great any more! lol)
    Can I join you for tea? Do you have any extra raspberry meringues? At the moment, Cinnamon and apple tea is beckoning me.

  6. your pics are always so lovely Sarah!
    I was soo happy for you when I read about your Tea for Joy win on FB, i loved your pics.

    thanks also for the sweet comment over on Ms Punky Mammas blog.. ♥

  7. Yes, to anything from La Durée. Love the photo. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too, soon.


  8. I'm a big believer in afternoon tea ... and I love the idea of collecting inspirational scraps and cuttings in a journal.

    My favourite afternoon tea is apple tea cake (with fresh apples) and a big cup of English Breakfast tea.

    PS. Congratulations on the win!! :)