Monday, 28 March 2011

✴ happy monday

Cough , be gone, I will have no more of thee...
Yesterday, I managed to drag my weary and still slightly poorly body out to the Country Living Spring Fair. Never to let a dose of illness prevent a day of shopping! The little one and the mr headed off to London Zoo after dropping me in Islington. It was a perfectly balmy day, the first official day of Spring now that we have given up an hour {a precious hour to someone with little sleep...} but it was worth it for a beautiful fresh day and lovely light evening. Wasn't it warm?
I trudged through the crowds and managed to keep my consumptive coughing to a minimum thanks to a big bag of wine gums. And bought some lovely lovelies. 
Hankies {no surprise there...} and tea towels from Thornback and Peel, pretty little girl dresses from Bread and Jam, wooden toys from Croglin Designs, and a vintage jug from Garden Brocante, plus some cakey bits and fabricy bits.
The best bit was bumping into an old friend from the north! Fancy seeing you here, Mrs A...Such a lovely surprise! 
Today I'll be mainly playing with the little one in the garden and filling in the census form - have you done yours yet?


  1. Ive been on an Etsy spree Sarah... i need someone to host an intervention!

    I was wondering if you had some advice on seedlings to plant at this time of year? I wanted to get a little balcony garden started as the weather gets nice. Not too sure what grows well in this hemisphere.

    Sorry to hear you are still sick! I made some cornbread over the weekend. If i dont eat it all tonight ill bring some into work tomorrow for the Mr to bring home for you.


  2. I love the Country Living Fair, but haven't been able to make the last couple of Easter ones due to a clash with little one's birthday weekend. I go to the 'Spirit of Summer/christmas fairs as well, and sometimes the Ideal Home show, but Country Living is always where I end up spending the most!

    Glad you got some nice things...I'm feeling rotten too, terrible cold.

  3. Thanks for the comments;

    Nikeah; Shopping on etsy is all good!! As for gardening- I would grow salad leaves as you'll probably spend all summer eating them and lets face it bags of salad are so pricey in the shops! Swiss chard {'rainbow brights' so pretty!} is lovely, very easy to grow, rocket too. Radishes can be grown in a pot and grow quite quickly. As too can baby beets and you can eat the leaves too. Definitely grow pea shoots -really easy, in a small pot on the windowsill, ready in about 3 weeks. I grew loads last year, read my post 'mon petit potager' written in october.

    Lakota; I've never been to the 'Spirit' fairs but the CL one was good although I'm not overly keen having to pay to get then spend money!!!
    Hope you feel better soon. x

  4. Well done to brave the crowds and the shops when you're feeling a little less than 100% (lesser women - like me - would have not bothered).

    You did indeed find some lovelies.

  5. I love that magazine and would love to one day get the the fair, it's just a bit of a trip from Australia.

    Well done you, feeling miserable but still making the effort.

  6. Hi Sarah. Can you email me. I've been saving that cross stitch pattern for you that my Dad scanned in if you still want it? You can link to my email via my blog.