Friday, 4 March 2011

✴ all things...wish you were here

I've just recently ordered a bike from here. I'm quite excited and have been imagining all sorts of 1940's/50's style cycling. Probably getting a bit carried away as usual.
I can't help but think of Emily Lloyd in Wish You Were Here
The floaty summer dresses, retro sun glasses, with just a dab of rosy tinted lip gloss and balmy summer breezes through your hair....Ahh...sounds lovely doesn't it?
Of course this is probably NOT how it is going to be {imagine, stuck behind a lorry with Sainsburys carrier bags dangling precariously from the handlebars...} but for the moment this is the daydream and I'm not parting with it for anything!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Im coming with you! Summer ladies riding bikes in the countryside! :D

  2. Oh definitely, Nikeah! But you've spent a summer here, right? Better pack those rain macs! x

  3. Ok I am in love with your bike! It is gorgeous, and so pretty. Cath Kidson is also a resident in my house at the moment - very good taste I must say! B:)

  4. love the idea of an old fashioned bike - you must wear a red flowing dress while riding or perhaps a yellow polka dot dress :)

  5. ...with umbrellas then! :D

  6. I'll join you! I love the idea of a 40's-50's comeback! :)