Monday, 14 February 2011

✴ nothing but love

I've been caught up, bogged down and up to my eyeballs with this, that and a bit of the other...
I have issues with the real life versus creative life equilibrium and find myself always the first to blink during the daily stare contest with time. Curses! Doesn't time always have the last word on the subject!! Hate that! Why can't we all just get a few more hours in the day, I mean really, who came up with the 24 hour thing anyway!? Actually, the way things have been recently I'd probably use the extra hours to sleep so I'd be no better off and just as behind as I am now so there it is!
This is my poor excuse for my terrible absence from this blog.....again......
I like to think of myself as the Caroline Arless of the blogging world.....not drunk, in prison and with an enormous bottom... but, even though not always around and often found to be a bit unpredictable and unreliable, a little entertaining when she does turn up and cherished and forgiven by all the other Lark Risers...hopefully...
Speaking of which, I am still just a bit in love with last nights final episode and am not sure how I'm going to cope without my sunday dose of Lark Rise to Candleford.....perhaps I'll finally get to spend a bit more time here.....!
I promise to do a proper catch up but until then I wish you all a loved up, heart filled day, especially to my own special valentine and little valentine. x


  1. Hey you!
    It's lovely to hear from you again, been a while!
    Hardy ever watch Lark......but did last night and cried like a baby. It was lovely!
    Looking forward to more of your gorgeous photos, you know how I love them!
    ali xx

  2. Thanks Ali, I cried last night too, but shhh...... don't tell anyone! x

  3. It's so difficult to find that happy balance,the madness of everyday life just gets in the way I guess! I love those pictures, and I hope your valentines day was filled to the brim with love & sweet things...x

  4. Absolutely awesomely honest post. Loved it.

  5. beautiful heart Sarah! so great to hear from you.
    thanks again for the gorgeous gifts and those buttons worked perfectly!

    happy day to you, hope the weather is behaving.