Wednesday, 23 February 2011

✴ at the bench

I've spent the last week or so 'at the bench'. When I say this I mean the jewellery bench but in actual fact I don't have one of those so picture me instead brandishing a soldering torch and cursing slightly slipped soldering on the tiny bit of workspace next to the kitchen sink. By the dying Aloe Vera plant. Next to the tin jug with the cat food forks in. Not very glamorous. But then silversmithing isn't. 
I have rough grated fingers and thumbs blackened and course from so much wire brush cleaning of silver and brass. A manicurists nightmare....or dream, whichever way you look at it.
I've been firing lots of little brass leaves, with a notion to turn these into a beautiful autumn inspired tiara and with several february birthdays I've been making jewellery gifts with silver snowhearts and recently fired copper hearts. 
I always end up with odd little bits of precious metal clay when I roll it out into heart and leaf shapes. Because the clay dries so quickly, these scraps never quite make it back into the pack while still soft and malleable. This time I thought I'd try and make something with these scraps. Something organic, twisted and strange. 
I think they turned out a bit like ferns or seaweed. They may end up in a new life as a botanical style brooch. For me. Because I'm quite attached to my strange little sea ferns!
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  1. ooooowww those silver fern leaves are just stunning! All your hard work paid off :)

  2. Those leaves look great. I love the endless possibilities of working with metal.

    I know what you mean about your hands too! I always manage to file and buff my nails while working at the bench. I would never bother seeing a manicurist because I know their work would be short lived the moment I sat at my tools again. :)

    My dad converted an old desk into my bench. He raised the legs, cut a semi circular hole and added a slide out tray beneath it. Much cheaper and more personalised than a 'proper' bench and I love it. Do you know anyone who's handy?

  3. Oh my goodness..your work is lovely...that heart takes my breath away!! hug today.

  4. An autumnal tiara, what a brilliant idea! And such exquisite pieces.
    I love the way that your artmaking happily cohabits with your everyday life. That's what it's all about, right?