Friday, 22 October 2010

✴ small gatherings

Me and the little lady are still suffering with our autumn colds. It's so much worse for a little person who hasn't yet learnt how to blow her little nose. Poor thing.
I find it almost impossible to completely switch off when I'm ill. Obviously I have no problem with switching off from housework...euhh...any excuse. 
I've been cooing and ahhing while sorting some new and old vintage buys.
Lace, hankies, buckles and beads.


  1. Oh I hope you and your girl feel better soon. Colds are so awful.

    Great photos. So lovely. There is a real peace in them. Delightful.

  2. Oh no, I hope you and the little lady feel so much better soon.
    Glad to hear you are letting the housework go and concentrating on the more important things. Gorgeous pics and treasures.

  3. what beautiful things you have there, and all that gorgeous lace, heavenly..take care & feel better soon x

  4. Gorgeous images. Hope you start to feel well soon.

  5. I adore your beautiful images ... I'm almost back to normal after suffering from a cold too ... I hope you feel better very soon! :)

    I'm terrible at 'turning off' when I'm sick too ... I just like to keep doing!