Sunday, 17 October 2010

✴ a quiet sunday morning...

...positively never happens in this house any more!
Good morning! I've been early {relatively} morning cleaning, tidying, sorting and hoovering with a reasonably loud Radiohead accompaniment without a considerate care towards the loud whooping, into wee hours, wii playing exuberantly joyous neighbours  !!!
Although I get nervous about being annoying and so it probably wasn't that loud at all....!
Anyhoo, it feels like a day for sorting - I'm going to tackle my wardrobe {or lack thereof} now.
Earlier this week, Ella pointed at the Queen on a ten pound note {NOT pocket money!!!} and in a quite determined way said, 'Mummy'. I feel a wardrobe sort out is long overdue...and possibly a cut and colour....and a manicure.............
These three little books seem quiet and calming, even if the house isn't. They are little Observers books of 
House Plants :: Music :: Birds.
They are just so retro and sweet and cost just a few pound from the local charity shop. I think it might be quite nice to try and collect them all.
Happy Sunday. x
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{edited to be kinder to apologetic neighbours}


  1. Ooh, Sarah, I like your style! I'm your newest follower in faraway Tasmania, Australia. The second I read 'hoovering', I thought 'Oh, this girl's British!' (we use the word 'vacuuming' over here). And then I was impressed that you were doing it at all, let alone 'early' (forget the 'relatively'). Bravo you. Young Ella sounds a Cheeky Chops. Although it's the kind of thing the pixies would say over here on Planet Baby ☺... Looking forward to following your adventures. J x

  2. Its so weird finding a blog from a fellow brit when I am over here in Oz, but I have to say I am so envious of your bird book-even though you choose a commerant to picture, I have had to catch so many for marine wildlife rescue and getting 'pecked' by one is like being punched with a screwdriver!

  3. Just going to bed for our Sunday is over in Australia, enjoy yours!! Those books look ace, love Posie

  4. I was once on a hens weekend and stood on a cormorants head while pregnant with my fourth (that has nothing to do with anything), to prise it away from its body for said husband (who likes skulls), as a gift for letting me go, you know, cos I should have been home looking after my babies. Whatever...
    Really great post...ummm... Im australian...

  5. Oh I love your photos and those books look divine!

    I send you much respect for loud Radiohead ... I love them too! :)

  6. my word, those are gems from the thrift shop. plates and everything in them? oh, yes, those are settle-me-down-with-them books. great styling ideed. well done.

  7. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for stopping by my creative space! I'm commenting on this post because I am collecting the Observer books too! They really remind me of my childhood. I picked up a couple in a second-hand bookshop last weekend (cacti and seashore!)
    Off for a wander round your blog :)
    Tracy x