Tuesday, 28 September 2010

✴ out of season

There is something enchanting and a little bit magical about a British seaside on a grey blustery day, out of season.
Ghostly, with remnants of Victorian architecture, dilapidated and rusting from the harsh salty sea. It saddens my heart to see the deterioration and loud, tacky intrusion of the rides and the games arcades.
Why is no money invested into the restoration of these British treasures?
Once, amazingly grand and beautifully ornate.  Now, run down and slowly crumbling into the sea. 
 Promenade :: Pavillion :: Esplanade 
Candy Floss :: Peppermint Rock :: Fish & Chips
{Sunday in Southsea}


  1. Your first image captures brilliantly the intrusion of the new into the old with the modern lighting cramping the space of the beautiful old lantern. I'm with you. Gorgeous places like these should be lovingly restored to their former glory rather than pouring in thousands of dollars in carnivals and rides that cater only for those from the instant gratification generation. I'm no oldie but I respect the beauty and craftsmanship of these beautiful landmarks. I hope you are not the only one concerned with its plight. Thanks for message on my Handmade Christmas Challenge. Never too late to join in. We'll be back into it this Saturday if you want to join in. Trace :)

  2. You are so right!
    Lovely images, as always!

  3. They do look amazing, what a beautiful place to visit. It's such a shame to see such amazing landmarks & all the history they hold just left to fade away..
    how strange, my word veri is 'aging'...