Wednesday, 14 April 2010

✴ learning how to walk (and other minor incidents)...

I've been elsewhere, preoccupied, caught up with stuff, you know how it is...
I don't know where the time goes I really don't! There has been a lot of stuff happening. 
Like walking for the first time (not me, I grasped that a wee while ago, although there is still room for improvement...)
I'm feeling a bit like Dee Wallace (the mum) in E.T. Most specifically the scene in the kitchen when she is completely unaware that a small hobbling alien is following her around everywhere she goes...Well a bit like that...Although my alien is much cuter than E.T and of the girly toddler variety.

Here is what I have learnt recently;
  1. Never leave the buying of a husbands birthday gifts to the last minute, (likewise, the last minute rule also, and possibly more importantly, applies to impending deadlines...)
  2. Avoid bragging to friends and family of the 13 hours of sleep your child is currently having, because it's bound to put a jinx on this run of good sleep fortune, and then you'll be sorry, yes you will...
  3. Don't even bother thorough vacuuming of carpets during breezey cherry blossom blowing season (yes that is a real season...)
  4. When offering your small child a tiny taste of chocolate cake for the first time try to be aware of the incredible similarity in looks to the freshly laid compost in the garden...
  5. Obviously, a never worn before white dress, new shoes, an unsteady walk and a polished kitchen floor is bound to end in tears, and a cut lip, and a bloody mess.... (again, I don't mean me...)

And the most important thing, when all this other stuff is going on?
Never ever skip afternoon tea.
It's ok really to forget about breakfast (despite what all the nutritionists say...)
But it really is quite bad to not have that 4pm cuppa and big slab of cake, or muffin, or biscuit...


  1. I was just wondering where you were today and here you are with lessons to are in for an interesting time dear Sarah!!

  2. I'm taking all your recent learnings as sage advice. And am also heartily thankful I'm not the only one pushing a pincushion deadline...

  3. I love lesson #4, my little guy just thought he'd try out the horse poo that we are so excited to get onto our garden to give it good dose of turns out he couldn't work out what all the fuss was about, it doesn't taste too good apparently...

  4. Love it. Some great lessons learnt there. Never thought about the compost/chocolate cake similarity but shall bear it mind from now on!