Friday, 19 March 2010

✴ tea + toast

So that was spring... Back to the cold, grey, rain that we are used to!
What's a girl to do? While the defiant sleep protestations echo through the baby monitor and with a large cup of steaming builder's brew, I secure my housework blinkers and settle in with a longing peer through the new Toast catalogue.

Gorgeous vivid colours mixed with sludgey greys and blues.....Ahhhh....
I love the faded 'holiday' shots that lead to warm weather dreaming.
Peace at last from the nursery.
The silence is golden even if the skies are far from it.
Are you thinking of warmer climes and faraway lands?
Dream, dream, dream...

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  1. Oh lovely clothes, you can alwyas bring sunshine with accessories!! Love Posie

  2. Great selection! I love wearing bright colours when the weather is gloomy! I love the blue dress with yellow flowers!