Tuesday, 23 March 2010

✴ shh...

Yesterday I met with bride-to-be, the lovely Miss L and we talked all things weddings.
It's my first bridal commission in a while, having taken a little break when the baba came along.
I'm now in the process of drawing up sketches for her. 
It's so exciting and I really like her ideas and themes. But obviously it's classified, so better shh.....
It has been good to spend some time looking through my past work, some unfinished and some I had forgotten all about!
It was a bit like Christmas this weekend, sorting stones and beads and opening all the headdress and jewellery boxes and unwrapping sparkly pretty things from deep inside the layers of tissue paper.
I feel suddenly inspired and refreshed to get things looking lovely with the business with some new shots, new website and some new work!
{All designs Sarah Hemsley Headdresses}


  1. Makes me want to get married again so I can wear some of your lovely pieces...

  2. What exciting work, lucky you! I look forward to seeing your creations unfold...

  3. Sarah I love these pics! what wonderful headdresses, wow!!!

  4. Oh gorgeous, how exciting!! I just wore flowers in my hair, there wasn't anything this pretty back in 1997!! Love Posie