Wednesday, 10 March 2010

✴ my creative space

There have been spots in my space this week. 
Not pretty polka dots but horrible red itchy spots of the chicken pox variety.
Not nice.
Especially not nice on a 14 month old.
At least she's getting them out of the way. As everyone keeps saying.
Done and dusted. Ticked off the list of childhood illnesses.
There has been much staying in. 
Now we are over the worst of the illness there is now the main irritation.
We are both a bit stir crazy and we are getting on each others nerves. I know it, the baba knows it.
Normally I'd love the chance to stay in and catch up with my stitching 'to do' list.
But the baba has other ideas.
Why sit quietly enjoying a pleasant half hour of crochet or cross stitch ( ...yes, I know she hasn't even learnt to walk yet, let alone master simple crafts....) when there are books to be pulled off shelves, wooden blocks to throw in the air and cat tails to pull......
So there has been dark evening sewing. Sometimes it's the best kind. Although often now it reminds me of a past life of freelancing, slumped at the sewing machine into the wee small hours.....Shudder...!
Anyway, I have managed to get started on a few housey bits.
A cushion cover made from some fabric I bought in Australia from Selvedge House.
And I have at last made a start, and actually even finished one set of arm covers for the settees.
To hide the tatters left behind from naughty cats scratching.
Naughty cats! This is not a scratchy post!
Go and scratch one of the 8 or so scratchy posts we have actually bought for you...for the sole purpose of scratching....made of scratching material.....for scratchy cats......Oh I may as well talk to myself.....sigh.....
I added some pockets on the side. I like that I have somewhere to put a couple of magazines and hide the remote controls (but always know where they are...clever!) in a pretty fabric pocket.
I got a bit carried away and started to make covers for the other settee completely forgetting the dimensions are slightly different as it is a sofa bed!
Doh! Unpicking begin......
Side step to Kootoyoo for some far less itchy creative spaces.


  1. Ooh, I love the photos in your Creative Space--I particularly like the arm covers on your couch--a very good solution to mischievous kitties scratching on things they shouldn't! Thanks for visiting my blog this week--I do love making wedding designs, they are turning into a bit of specialty! What sort of wedding commission do you have?
    Take care,

  2. The magazine pocket is a most excellent addition.

  3. fabulous post ... i still have the scratch marks left by a cat and i just have to tune them out because i'm nowhere near as clever as you are. that pocket looks amazing. i hope the bubba is feeling better ... you'll be so glad later when others have the pox and you're sailing through.

  4. Oh so lovely to see the gorgeous Australian fabrics from the beautiful ladies at Selvedge House! Love the idea of the arm covers.

  5. That fabric is just gorgeous, looks brilliant!

  6. I hope all are feeling well in your home soon. Your cushions are just gorgeous and I love your macro shot of the unpicker :) K

  7. Hope the little one is spot free soon and feeling better. I love the idea of the pocket beside the couch- genius!! Although my little on would think that would be an idael place to store blocks, trains, unwanted food bits etc. xo m.

  8. Lovely pictures. I think I will try to make a remote control thingy for my lounge. Its a great idea and yours has come out great.

  9. I feel for you and your poor little one it's been over 20 years since I had chicken pox and I still remember how bad it felt.

  10. Oh you really must have been doing it hard - how do you stop a 14mth scratching?! Glad you are coming to the end of it. Your cushions are lovely & those pockets, yes oh so clever!

  11. Clearly you're not letting the spots stop you from creating amazing things, wow, gorgeous work!! Love Posie

  12. gorgeous fabric!

    i don't think that the pockets would help my bf not lose the remote lol

  13. Brilliant post - I love all the pics, but especially the first one. Lovely cushion too - Ink & Spindle fabric is divine. I hope you're all feeling back to normal soon - chicken pox is the pits. Nic

  14. For a mumma with a sick kidlet, you have done some beautiful sewing... and managed to use what I imagine is a very tired brain to make a clever pocket! Well done.

  15. hope the pox train pulls out of the station soon-never to return. great sewing progress in spite of itchy illness. well done

  16. Loving the images you have posted here.

    Very clever!

  17. What gorgeous fabric and colours, I love your cushions, hope little one gets over the pox soon:)