Sunday, 1 November 2009

✴ Gingerbread and Mint Cake

We are planning an escape.....Sans bébé!
It's for our 2nd anniversary and it's well deserved as our 1st anniversary was a complete no no.
I was heavily pregnant and we had both succumbed to the flu bug (pre swine) that had hit the Uk that winter.
Oh it was horrible. I think I suffered badly because of the baba and everyday I would wake up (from a night of restless chest wheezing sleep) and pray that I didn't go into labour that day!
As it turns out, someone was listening to my dribbling, sniffly pleadings and Ella wasn't born until two weeks after her due date. And even then it was with some reluctance on her part, possibly she had heard the self-pitying whining coming from her croaky voiced mother and thought it just wasn't worth the effort...

Our escape plan is one or two nights in the Lake District after carefully depositing daughter in the doting and adoring arms of the Grandparents of the Icy North ( Stockport..) just before Christmas.

There is something so enchanting about the Lakes in the darkness of winter, like the lamplight in Narnia and Christmas at Hogwarts. Of course I can only imagine what it will be like as I have never been to the Lakes at that time, every other season but never winter.
Please let it snow....Please let it snow....Please let it snow...!

Looking forward to;

Long rambling walks over hilly and 'pram unfriendly' tracks with a stash of Kendal Mint Cake in my pocket (because it's nutritious - honest, and if it's good enough for Sir Ranulph Fiennes...),
✴ Lunch at The Drunken Duck Inn very old pub turned into boutique type hotel with a posh menu but dark and gloomy inside with lovely old furniture and a roaring log fire...Ohhh lovely!
✴ Sipping a big mug of Hot Chocolate (laced with brandy maybe, for like medicinal reasons or something...) whilst sitting in our own outdoor hot tub, yes, OUTDOOR hot tub!!! In late December!!! So possibly also wearing thermals and a raincoat whilst in hot tub (definitely needing brandy...),
✴ Stocking up on enough of Sarah Nelsons Grasmere Gingerbread to last us for the next year......Yummmm!
Afternoon tea and a bit of slightly overpriced but nonetheless beautiful homewares and gift shopping at Chesters ,
✴ Possibly catching sight of Mrs Tiggy-winkle (because she is real and this is where she lives...) and asking her to come and tackle the laundry at ours...( Ok maybe going easy with the brandy...)

So mainly eating and drinking! Just in time for the eating and drinking extravaganza that is Christmas at Mum's (Nigella, you know nothing...!)

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