Wednesday, 28 October 2009

☺ What's Hot & ☹ What's Not!

Is it that time again already..? The weeks really are flying by, (that can definitely go into the Not list).
Anyway I'm not usually this consistant but I love taking part in this meme from Loobylu and especially love seeing others hot/not lists.


'The Painted Veil' such a beautiful, sad and romantic film. Set in China in the 1920's the imagery is just breathtaking. I love that '20's/'30's look. Naomi Watts looks stunning with her soft pin-curled hair and bisque linen and lace drop-waist dresses and delicate cloche hats. It's just so beautiful and elegant and epitomises a lost era of a civilised time when letters were handwritten, music was played on a gramophone and men wore suits, all the time....
Ok so, there is also the dark backdrop of conflicts and fighting in China, death from cholera, a loveless marriage and virtues lost...... But, Mmmm......Look at that embroidered hem, and those ivory Mary-Jane shoes......

New Fabric collection 'LOVE' from Amy Butler . Ooohh......Ahhhh...... 'LOVE'ly...! So gorgeous and colourful. Inspiring me to get making that quilt I keep dreaming about.  Ahhh... Homemade quilts.....

Tim Tams. It's taken me a while to catch on to the Tim Tam Appreciation Society but now I have, there's no stopping me. I recently discovered the Black Forest and white chocolate varieties...Mmmmm.....They're supposed to be eaten by the packet, right??

3rd Column. Finally working out how to add an extra 3rd column on this blog! Don't know why I was so keen to have one but I was, there you go. It's so confusing though! In fact HTML can just jolly well take itself off to the naughty step of the Not List, go on, off you go......


Shop closing times. Far too early over here for my liking! I'm used to shops that stay open quite late and especially supermarkets, they generally stay open 24 hours! But not here. On saturday we were too late to get into the two big named supermarkets over at the huge shopping mall in Robina (which was also closing), at 5.30pm!!! What's that about??? So not hot!

Channel 7. For spoiling my fun with 'Flash Forward'. First it was on wednesday nights and then they moved it without warning to monday night! So I have missed a few! Also it is always on at least 10 minutes late, so the few times we have recorded it we miss the last 10 minutes as it cuts off!!! Grrrrr!
Not big, not clever and certainly Not Hot!

Jets. Fighter jets (F1-11's apparently) have been flying over, very low and swooping for the SuperGP ( and that's not a super hero doctor but the car race that happens in Surfers Paradise!) and although, yes, it is actually a bit exciting....Do they have to fly so low and close to us? The sound is incredible and scares Ella out of her skin, bless her!
To be fair, I think that it all may have been just a one trick wonder for the weekend, so the jets can (quietly) sonic boom themselves off to the Hot list, as actually, they were pretty awesome!


  1. Hi, thanks for your comment and leading me to you!! Love your blog! So how come you're over there?!
    Your html naughty step made me laugh - I so get the same feeling when trying to do something with my blog or shop! It's very satisfying when it works though isn't it? Even if it does take all day!! x

  2. I want an HTML naughty step too - hate it! And how annoying about flashforward... we're just on episode 5 of season 1 here and I am addicted!!!

  3. Tim Tams, yummy! Have you tried the 'double coat'!?