Saturday, 31 October 2009

✬ Blog HQ

Taking part in My Place and Yours again from Meet Me At Mikes . The Theme Queen, Ninon , has chosen Blog HQ and I have to admit that my version of this is not at all exciting or interesting......
As already mentioned, about a million times, this is not my home but a rented apartment while out here in Australia. Heading home 4 weeks today!
It is obviously not my home for several reasons;
① The 1980's style furniture,
② The abundance of glass top tables (shudder...),
③ The organised and tidy layout...

Anyway back to Blog HQ. I usually sit with my laptop at the table in the kitchen as it is good viewing position of the baba in the living room area as it is all open plan. Also it is near one of the adapter sockets as my naughty mac is refusing to be cooperative if not plugged in, yeah I know handy for a laptop...!
To my right I can watch the baby and also see a bit of the ocean through the windows leading out onto the balcony. I can also see the kitchen which is directly infront of me. There is a makeshift pinboard (brought home from work by Mr H) which has various interesting cuttings from magazines and 'things to do' lists pinned onto it.
It's behind the bottles of wine (who put them there??) and next to the iron and board, which is waiting there desperate for some attention, which it never gets...
To my left I can look out of the windows to the 'cityview' of Broadbeach stretching out to Surfers Paradise and over to the Isle of Capri. There are alot of high rises around here, holiday apartments mainly I think.
Anyway there you have it! Boring!
I'm heading off out now to the Finders Keepers fair in Brisbane where I hope to find lots of inspiring craftiness!
I'll check out everyones else's headquarters later this eve, can't wait, probably far more exciting than mine!


  1. Hee hee, must've been the same naughty elf who left an empty wine bottle at my house. Mischief maker. If I could look out over the sea I would probably never get anything done, and you have chosen a very sensible vantage point, great minds think alike :)

  2. those empties are mine i think, don't know how they came to be at your place! your hq is also lke mine. good old kitchen table. heart of the home

  3. thank you for playing along! well, even if it is not YOUR house still it is a nice corner for blogging...and I wouldnt mind having a sneak peek of the ocean every once in a while.... (specially now that in Berlin we are getting ready for The Long Winter and it's always gray and dark and cold, eheheh)
    have a nice weekend :)

  4. It may not be YOUR place.... but it's a lovely warm happy place BECAUSE of you, I think! So glad you played - I think your HQ has nice light too! x

  5. i agree with you on the 80's furniture, but who cares : WOw iwouldn't mind seeing the ocean from my HQ !!