Sunday, 4 May 2008

Wedding Cake

My Wedding cake was made of four tiers (6"/8"/10"/12") each one made by a different person. I can't speak for the other ladies but I used the Delia Smith rich fruit cake recipe which has handy conversions for different sizes.

My Mum made the largest, bottom tier. The next one up was made by my Mother-in-Law. The next one up was made by myself. The top tier was again made by mum although this one was then 'blessed' by a group of my closest, oldest friends!
This happened when they all came to dinner at my mum's (which she cooked!) to celebrate my being a Hen (no tacky strippergrams for me, it was all of the utmost taste, even though plenty of wine was slurped!).

Anyway my mum had measured out all the dried fruit and put it all into a mixing bowl ready to be drowned with brandy.
After dinner we all passed round the bowl and each lady poured a tablespoon of brandy (ok maybe not quite exact measurements, we had got through several bottles of vino by this point!)
into the bowl and said a few (slightly slurred) words! It was a lovely way to toast the top tier!

To decorate the cake, I used 4 different widths of white millinery petersham (quite appropriate!) using the thinnest for the top tier down to the very widest for the bottom one. I then made silver twisted wire 'brooches' of pearls and crystals which were then stitched onto the ribbon, again these reflected the size of each cake.

The cake topper was again made of twisted wire with glass beads, pearls, crystals and diamante (for extra sparkle) and sculpted into a flower shape which was inspired by an Orchid.
This was then bound together and held in place with a light grey satin ribbon.

It was actually really fun to make as the shape was organic and I could be as creative as I wanted. I wanted the look to be classic and elegant and it looked fantastic, not too fussy and really simple with the pure white ribbon against the white icing, just hightlighting a few sparkles from the crystals.

The great thing is that we now have a lovely memento to keep. With fresh flowers, although I think they can look lovely on a cake they obviously soon die and can't be kept forever.

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