Saturday, 3 May 2008

New trees and sheds

Today, Tabitha and Olive had fun in the garden in the random few minutes that the rain stopped and the sun shone.

Tabitha was brave and climbed up onto next doors shed roof. This is quite adventurous for Tabby as she has been quite timid in the garden and doesn't seem to have ventured far. I think this may have been caused by a confrontation by a strange ginger cat that appeared in the garden one day and obviously frightened poor Tabby.

Anyway so while she climbed over next doors shed roof and then into their garden, Olive was discovering a brand new tree that she obviously hadn't noticed before.

Olive stared up at this new climbing frame for a second before hurriedly scrambling up it.

She enjoyed it lots and went quite far up until, typically she then had to work out how to get back down...not so easy!

Eventually, after me attempting to climb half way up in my big clumpy Eskimo slippers, ready to catch her should she fall, she finally did her usual backwards shimmy down the tree trunk hanging on by a claw!

If cats really do have nine lives she is definately using all of hers to the absolute limit!

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