Tuesday, 13 May 2008

A new sewing assistant

I have been trying to sort out and tidy my workshop in the garage. There just seems to be reams and reams of ribbons and braid and feathers all over the place.
Luckily I had a little helper, as you can see, although I think Tabby was actually just looking for a new place to snuggle down and have a snooze, usually on anything that I was trying to tidy away!
Yesterday I painted the drawers of all of the craft boxes with blackboard paint. What a fantastic paint, dries so quickly and then can be written on with chalk. The idea being that I can write on each drawer whats inside and it can be changed at any time.
I really have to get the workshop sorted as I have so much work to be getting on with, including making Miss C's wedding headdress before our first fitting in a couple of weeks.

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