Friday, 27 February 2015

sweet february

As we approach the end of February it feels as though all we have done this month is scoff sweet stuff. Not so bad I suppose. After the loved-up chocs and sweeties from Valentines Day the sugar sprinkled highlight of the month has to be Pancake Day, or it’s more forgotten, original name - Shrove Tuesday!
Actually we have pancakes quite often for breakfast at the weekend. And as much as it is a ‘special treat’ for the kids, and they do still get super excited each time, it’s just so simple in both ingredients and method that I don’t know why we just don’t have them every morning............and then I remember!

I follow the Jamie Oliver recipe for pancakes; 1 cup flour, 1cup milk & 1 egg. 
I use Self-Raising flour for breakfast pancakes as it fluffs them up and makes them more American style. Sometimes I add raisins and lemon zest, sometimes blueberries or chopped apple or pear or mushed up banana. But mainly plain, served with chopped berries, scrambled eggs and bacon and lashings of maple syrup.
For Pancake Day pancakes, I use plain flour so they have a flatter more crepey style. I have to say I’m a staunch traditionalist when it comes to Pancake Day pancakes. They have to be served with lemon and sugar. End of story. No fancy schmancy pancake fillings for me. 
[ although obviously I’d never turn them away if they were offered to me...that would be rude and ungrateful.....I’d eat them out of politeness only.........ahem... ]
How do you eat yours??

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